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What happened

This is act one, the setup. American true crime stories follow a simple three act structure. Act one - the setup, Act two - the drama, Act three - the resolution.

Innocence Magazine produces daily articles designed to deliver a three act story to be consumed in 3 minutes or less on a mobile device. Act one - What happened, Act two - What we did about it, Act Three - What was the outcome.

We strive to only appeal to the true crime audience - 18-34 age range and 75% women according to a Civic Science survey in 2019.

Each author is given attribution for their article and advertising, such as this one below, within each of their articles.

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What we did about it

This is act two - the drama. This section will be the "meatiest" section of the story, getting into the details about what happened, the harm/damage caused, the "legal battles" and "courtroom drama". This section will range between 200 and 600 words.

Our verified legal professionals supply us with true-life information about their cases. Innocence Magazine then converts the raw legal information into mobile-first stories. We believe this workflow maximizes the efficiency of storytelling for our legal professional members and our production staff.

Our goal is to promote our members as subject matter experts in their field of law. We partner with verified legal professionals in civil rights, wrongful convictions, personal injury, immigration, and tax law.

True crime stories are evergreen, which means they live on the internet forever and continuously bring value to the author as they are circulated and shared.

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This is act three - the reveal! What was the outcome of the trial? What was awarded to your client? This is the paragraph that brings resolution to the reader. The Slugline will be used to deliver the Wow! experience.

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